About me

I am a French photographer, living in Lyon, France. 

Unquestionably, people are my favourite subject. In all their forms, orientations, emotions, I like to stage them if they don’t stage themselves. I am fascinated by the infinite possibility of life to create millions of human beings, all different. My ongoing series of spontaneous portraits made in public transport, which you can see on my instagram @pleineouverture, is a typical example. You can also follow my photographic news on my facebook profile.

I have been working for the past few years in the communication department of a large public institution, with multiple competences (the institution’s [french humor…]) . In addition, I have my own private small business, which allows me to keep a certain freedom of narrative or artistic expression, essential to my intellectual preservation. This also enables me to respond to orders, to your orders for photographic reports.

If one or several of the photos seen on this site fascinate you, and if you imagine them displayed in your living room or your waiting room, I can make a quotation for you, that will match your financial expectations. I can propose you large format printing on fine art paper, glued on Dibond, possibly encapsulated under Diasec or ultra shiny Plexiglas, framed in an American box, on canvas, etc. 

Please use the contact page to get in touch with me. 

Thank you!


© Thierry Fournier